Welcome to RB Trading Group

RB Trading Group (Amin Tejarat Alborz Pars Company), owned by Azaran Rahbin Company, has started its activities with the support of more than 35 years of experience and expertise of its managers.

The purpose of RB is strategic and significant cooperation with companies, industries, traders, and manufacturers regarding the import, export, goods clearance, and performing all services and business affairs.


Now many companies across the country, are assigned to RB in order to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes, and systems.

Here at RB, we are more than just a shipping or clearance company. We are a full-service provider to industries and markets throughout Iran. We provide our customers import, export, transportation, and clearance services through our advanced international communication network, technical expertise, and leading experience in the business.

We take a systematic approach to support our customers’ business endeavors in any of their fields of activity including R&D, identify suppliers, raw material procurement, parts supply, production channels, transportation, distribution, clearance, and . . .

RB can be your reliable business partner which can provide you comprehensive professional services to help you reduce risks as much as possible in the international marketing competition.

RB can be your reliable partner in business relying on its capabilities.

  • High speed services
  • Reliable communication network for fast and efficient process advancement
  • Full knowledge of laws and regulations
  • The possibility of entering and doing business with any market in the world with assurance through our supply chain
  • Innovative leadership in social accountability standards.
  • Reduce costs and minimize existing risks