Any product that crosses the borders of the country, enters the customs to be exported after the customs formalities.

Customs clearance of goods is one of the most important steps in the field of export and import. Many people are afraid of it due to the lack of information while having enough knowledge and expertise can easily go through this stage .

In general, clearance of goods means performing all customs criteria and formalities to release imported and exported goods, usually done by the owners of products or a work clearance.

During clearance of goods, the necessary documents and papers for customs clearance must be prepared physically or electronically and its costs, which include taxes, customs duties, and commercial profits, must be presented or declared. Since all these measures are quite specialized and complex and require sufficient knowledge and information, the customs clearance process is usually entrusted to a person called clearance man. Clearance of goods as soon as possible is a critical matter. Cause delivering the merchandise on time is one of the concerns of traders and merchants.  A professional clearance man with mastery of customs laws can do all customs and clearance matters of your goods in the shortest time.

Lack of knowledge in this field and trying to release your goods all by yourself will eventually lead to failure and waste of time.

With its experience and expertise, RB Trading Group handles all your business affairs and clearance of goods with confidence in the shortest time.

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RB Special Goods

  • Well-cut steel rod
  • Fabrics
  • Agricultural machinery
  • CNC lathe machine
  • Dust-sheets
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Different kinds of steel
  • Automatic steel
  • Different kinds of woodsD
  • Different kinds of MDF
  • Types of PVC veneers
  • Types of wood veneer
  • Cell phones (mobile)
  • Types of glue 
  • Types of sealants
  • Steel sheet

Contracting Costumes Of RB Group

  • Bandar Abbas Customs (Shahid Rajaei Port – Bahonar Port)
  • Tehran Customs (West Customs – Shahriar Customs)
  • Bazargan Customs (Mako Free Zone)
  • Customs Imam Khomeini airport
  • Payam airport customs
  • Khorramshahr port customs
  • Bushehr Port Customs
  • Chabahar Port Customs