1.How is the cost of customs clearance calculated?

The clearance fee of each product is calculated according to the tariff and value of that product and its ancillary costs. Use this form to calculate the cost of your clearance and consult with our experts.

2.What is order registration?

Registration of an order is a permit for the import of your goods into the country, which business cardholders can receive and must prepare before purchasing and transporting their goods to customs.

3.What is the customs exchange rate?

The customs exchange rate is the rate at which the value of goods is calculated at customs and is announced weekly by custom houses.

4.What information do we need to calculate customs fees?

To calculate customs duties and taxes, we need the following:

  • Commodity tariff or the HS code
  • Value of goods
  • Shipping cost
  • Country of manufacture

If possible, technical specifications of the product, catalog, and sample of the product, most of the above information is included in Proforma (pre-invoice) or invoice.