Well-cut steel

RB complex is the most comprehensive supply and import complex of machined steel (automatic steel) in Iran which plays a significant role in supplying raw materials to production units and parts manufacturers in Iran.

Our collection mainly supplies this product from Turkey (Bazargan Customs), Germany, and Spain and its biggest and best manufacturers and provides it to its customers.

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Information and specifications of well-cut(automatic) steel rods (Free cutting steel rods)

Well-cut steel is a type of non-alloy steel with a high percentage of sulfur (s) and manganese (Mn), which is why it is cut and formed easily when working in lathes. These characteristics have made it known as the best steel in multi-spindle and lathe machines for making threads, holes, etc.

By adding lead (Pb) to this type of steel, its cutting speed increases. Well-cut steels are divided into three groups:

Ability to apply heating operations

Ability to apply corrective operations

Ability to apply cementation operations

The formula for well-cut steel rods (or automatic steel) is 11SMnPb30 and is also known by the standard number 1.0718.

This product is also known as Free cutting steel.

These rods are produced by cold rolling.

Indications :

  • Piece making
  • Automobile Parts
  • Parts of oil and gas industry
  • Parts of the military industry
  • Aviation industry parts
  • Hydraulic components and fittings

Available diameters

Round: between 2.00-120 mm

Hexagon: between 4.00-90 mm

Rectangle: 3.00-40 mm

Standard length of bars: 3000 mm

Custom dimensions, sections, and sizes can be produced based on customer needs.

Due to its precisely measured tolerance, free cutting steel is used with cold tensile and is produced with surface sensitivity between tolerances h9-h11.

This product is provided in packages with plastic wrappers or wooden boxes or other items according to the customer’s order.